Medibank - "What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sugar?" video (Art direction and illustration)


Medibank - School of Better online course (Art direction and illustration)


Disco - Introductory video (illustration)



Frankie Magazine - Pumpkin Scroll Recipe


Yen Magazine - Illustrated and described my essential traveling items


Medibank Be. Magazine - Spring Harvest


Medibank Be. Magazine - Evolution Of The Football Boot


Snacks Quarterly - Illustration and interview


 The Lifted Brow 'Ego' Issue


The Illustrated Mixtape - True Love Always


World's Only Magazine - Interview with Tune-Yards


Latin Lover Magazine, New York - Street Food edition


Happy - Portrait of Jane Tyrrell


Who The Hell - Virtual Mixtape Series


Logo and Product Design

The Club Of Odd Volumes - Homeware and apparel design


Magic Hands - "Let Me Hold You While You Fail" album art


The Klei Store, Melbourne - Business postcard illustration


Private Commissions